COSMO Appliance

24/7 Performance. Preconfigured. Scalable.

ARGO is a line of equipment carefully selected to guarantee the best performance in the integration of COSMO's partners solutions and ensure the most beneficial cost-benefit ratio. It offers all that you need gathered for you in one place at the same time, which allows you to save time when buying and installing your solutions and minimizes the problems of compatibility. It is also optimized to COSMO's performance and offers a two-year warranty.

Argo Business
ARGO Business

A solution-focused in the visualization of COSMO software in a central unit with a sophisticated design and a compact size, for an efficient performance.

Argo Premium
ARGO Premium

For small/medium-scale installations. Optimized solution for multi-view installation and/or visualization of COSMO software, with real-time recordings of the CCTV system (up to 8TB).

Argo Executive
ARGO Executive

For more complex and high-performance installations. Efficient and scalable solution focused on the installation of COSMO software and in the CCTV system recordings, already optimized for analytics processing.