Security + Energy + Operations Management, reimagined.

Forget about traditional command-and-control centres using separate sets of information and not correlating activities or events. COSMO allows you to easily manage data from existing disparate security devices and information systems (video surveillance, intrusion-detection, access control, environmental sensors, analytics, networks, building systems, etc.) to empower users to identify and proactively resolve situations.

A perfect fit for all devices

COSMO is the perfect solution for your organization – it was designed with an API-First approach, is independent from all hardware brands and was developed with an emphasis on security, scalability and extensibility.

Gain brand independence, using the systems that best meet your needs. We are able to integrate any equipment and/or software in COSMO platform. Coexistence of multiple unconnected devices and information systems is no longer a nightmare.

AG Neovo Integration Software
Ambient System Integration Software
Axis Integration Software
Axxon Integration Software
Bosch Integration Software
Dahua Integration Software
Detnov Integration Software
D-Link Integration Software
DOMATICA Integration Software
D-Link Integration Software
Foxstream Integration Software
Global Fire Equipment Integration Software
GO Integration Software
Hanwha Techwin Integration Software
Hikvision Integration Software
Kentec Integration Software
KiwiSecurity Integration Software
Milestone Integration Software
Optex Integration Software
Paradox Integration Software
Paxton Integration Software
SALTO Systems Integration Software
Siemens Integration Software
Sony Integration Software
Texecom Integration Software
TOA Integration Software
United Tecnologies Integration Software
Vanderbilt Integration Software
Visual Tools Integration Software

Focus on getting things done efficiently

The simple, intuitive user interface is designed to help users see exactly what they need to focus on and make data-driven decisions.
- The Security Operators can focus on security & safety events and benefit from guided standard operating procedures.
- The Energy Efficiency | Department of Energy will experience the simplest way to monitor electricity, water and gas consumption with real-time data and history.
- The Maintenance Department can easily manage reactive and planned maintenance, thus controlling costs.
- The Marketing Department can focus on improving customer experience and collecting insights for a successful retail strategy.

Experience the difference that the right data in the right place can make.

A better way to work

Access, monitor, and interact with the several systems of your organizations all in one place, to increase operational efficiency. Staying up-to-date on new events and business analytics has never been easier.

And you don’t need to worry about having different user profiles: you can use the custom permission level area to choose which permissions to assign a user to a specific module.

You may now take internal cooperation to a whole new level.

COSMO at a Glance

Twenty reasons why you don't need to look any further than COSMO PSIM+.


. Web and mobile access;
. Easy to use;
. Task Optimization;
. Risk reduction;
. Fast data output and response;
. Decision Support based on facts;
. Reports and audits all actions;


. Multi-site;
. Full OEM / ODM.


. Adjustable to current needs: evolving;
. Operational costs reduction;
. Staff optimization;
. Fast training;
. Multi-site data concentration;
. No need for hardware change/investment;
. Energy efficiency.

Internet of Things

. Interoperability with other systems;
. Permanent evolution.


and let us show you how you can be even more successful with your monitoring and control tasks.