You can test COSMO.AD2Paxton without limitations.

Paxton NET2 Access Control Integration Software with Active Directory

Do you have many user accounts in the Active Directory (AD) which need to be synchronised with Net2 Software for access control management with Paxton? Not a problem.
You started by managing user accounts in the Active Directory (AD) and now you need to replicate all that work when defining the user in the Net2 Paxton Server, correct? No! Not anymore. Avoid this cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Synchronisation of Windows User Accounts with NET2 Access Control

COSMO AD2Paxton is an easy-to-use sync tool which conveniently enables you to keep User Accounts updated both in the Active Directory and in the Paxton Net2 Server, making life easier for the access control manager, especially where there is an increased turnover of people.

While it can be used as a simple one-way syncing tool, its real power lies in the possibility of writing back to AD.

Advanced access levels are also supported.

Software Add-On

PaperCut MF

COSMO.PaperCut2Paxton automatically synchronizes PaperCut MF/NG user card numbers into Active Directory and then populates user information (card ID, account expiry date, access level, e-mail, etc.) into Paxton Net2 Access Control software.


How synchronisation of AD Users with Paxton NET2 Access Control works?

COSMO AD2Paxton is a two-way synchronisation tool which enables you to keep User Accounts updated both in the Active Directory and Net2 Access Control software.

This easy-to-use sync tool can be used as one-way, or two-way synchronization.

One-Way Synchronisation

A one-way sync program: it mirrors the information in the AD (personal data/card information) per profile to the corresponding Access Levels in the Net2Server software, thus centralizing user/access control management in Active Directory, rather than requiring duplication of the same work in the Net2 Server.

Two-Way Synchronisation

A two-way sync program: COSMO AD2Paxton transfers the data from AD to Net2 Software, but it can also receive updates made in the NET2. An example of this would if a user loses his or her card, the new card details, once entered in to NET2, will automatically sync with the AD.

The scope of the synchronisation can be limited through filters.

Download Sync Tool

You can test COSMO.AD2Paxton without limitations.

COSMO AD2Paxton is the easiest way to keep personal data, card information, photos, custom attributes and other attributes in AD and Net2 software synched.