The COSMO Counter is an integrated solution for People Counting (camera + applications) which combines easy installation with simplicity of use and can be accessed on a PC, mobile phone or tablet.

It has a Windows application and an online platform which can be configured separately or in a complementary way.

Why choose COSMO Counter PRO?

It helps you find the answers you need to improve customer experience and collect insights for a successful retail strategy.

Real Time People Counting

Count the number of people passing by your retail stores and shopping centres with increased accuracy, in real time.

Sales Conversion Rate

Calculate the conversion rates of each store by knowing how many of your customers generate sales.

Peak Hours

Discover the peak hours in which your stores generate most traffic and maximise your sales opportunities.

Staff Optimisation

Adjust staff schedules according to the number of visitors to your stores during the busiest time of the day.

COSMO Counter Pilot Project

If you are looking for a reliable People Counting Software,then trust is an important factor decision-making.

We can provide a free pilot project, if you are interested in testing the features of the COSMO Counter for yourself. This this is the most effective way to know us better and assess our technical capabilities, as well as our project management and communication skills.