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COSMO PSIM+ is a simple and efficient solution for the management of your systems, standing out due to its simplicity and modular and evolutionary approach, as well as for the organisation, on a single platform, of all the components needed for modern building management.

Most popular features of COSMO PSIM+

Find the right modules to control and monitor your business. If you are not sure which plan is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you choose the perfect solution to suit your needs.


Intrusion Detection System
Access Control System
Fire Alarm System
Emergency Exit Control


Electricity Monitoring System
Water Monitoring System
Gas Monitoring System


Visitors Management
Key Management
Power Consumption
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Parking Management


Retail Analytics
People Counting
Heat Maps

COSMO Counter

For global retailers, brand administrators and shopping centre managers who want to improve customer experience and collect insights for a successful retail strategy, COSMO Counter is a versatile People Counting Software. The main benefits of using this retail monitoring technology are:
- Real Time People Counting
- Sales Conversion Rate
- Peak Hours
- Staff Optimization

COSMO Counter


and let us show you how you can be even more successful in your monitoring and control tasks.


Whether regarding our own solutions, or in customer-specific projects,THE COSMO team has the technical proficiency and project management skills to help you succeed.


Can not find the integration you want?
If you have any specific requests, do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to easily and quickly integrate any equipment and/or software in the COSMO platform.
- Customised development;
- Open API for a fast integration;
- Use of industry standards for integration of applications and equipment;
- Privileged contact with major brands and manufacturers.


We provide training courses for new COSMO users, both in-house and at the customer’s facilities, upon request. A short learning curve and a customer-focused UI enable your organisation to quickly run it in hours, not weeks.


Facing a problem? Need advice on implementation?
We will do our best to give you a helpful response.
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Email: support@cosmonautasoftware.com



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Sport Facilities
Casino & Gaming
Public Buildings
Poultry Farms


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Benchmark Innovation Awards 2020

Smart Security / Building Management / Awards

COSMO PSIM+ wins “Best Security Information Management Software” Award by CV Magazine

Smart Security / Building Management / Awards



01. What is COSMO PSIM+?

Physical security information management (PSIM)is a category of software which has been designed to integrate multiple unconnected security application devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface. Typically, a PSIM Solution include CCTV (closed circuit TV), Access Control systems, Fire detection and Intrusion detection system.

COSMO PSIM+ offers all the above systems and also includes the following features: Energy (Gas, Water and Electricity) monitoring system, Visitor Management, Key management, Maintenance, Power consumption, Lighting, Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning, Parking Management, Retail Analytics, People Counting and Heat Maps.

COSMO PSIM+ collects and correlates events from existing dispersed security devices and information systems (video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, environmental sensors, analytics, networks, building management systems, etc.) to enable users to identify and proactively resolve situations.

02. Who uses COSMO PSIM+?

Public and private organisations, of all sizes, that want to connect Data, Control and Execution and make them available to the entire team.

COSMO PSIM+ software makes the task easier for every user (even those who are not technicians).

Size is not an issue. Start with the right foundations, start with the modules you need and as the project grows over the time, add new features.

COSMO PSIM+ is a modular software, designed with an API-first development approach, hardware brand independent, with an emphasis on security, scalability and extensibility.

03. Where does the ROI of COSMO PSIM+ exist?

With COSMO PSIM+, you will have immediate and long-term return on investment on your corporate culture, your internal processes and in your human and material assets:

  • • Make the best security, operational, marketing and staffing decisions;
  • • Get the full operational picture of your organisation (security tasks, maintenance tasks, corporate analytics, etc);
  • • Gain product, brand and technology independency. PSIM is an “agnostic” solution in terms of interoperability with already installed security solutions;
  • • Collect data from multiple sources and avoid the costs of “wrong decisions”, with decisions supported by real-time data;
  • • Get more work done in less time, implementing integrated tasks and avoiding activities with no value-added for your team;
  • • Monitor your energy consumptions and implement energy efficiency policies and measures;
  • • Reduce overall cost by reducing the labour required to maintain and manage multiple software systems.

Context is everything. Tell us about your project needs and we will give you a fair and affordable price.

04. What are the key components of PSIM software?

For a PSIM software system to be complete, it needs to have the following six key capabilities:

  • - Data Collection: Data from various security devices or systems is collected by independent device management software
  • - Analysis: The situations are identified and prioritised by the system as it continuously collects, examines and compares the data.
  • - Verification: The PSIM software quickly alerts the operator of relevant situational information.
  • - Resolution: The system will help the operator solve the situation by providing instructions, standard operating procedures and the tools needed to rectify the problem.
  • - Reporting: The PSIM will record the information and the steps taken to handle the situation. It will then assess the data for compliance reporting, training and in-depth investigative analysis.
  • - Audit trail: The PSIM monitors how each operator interacts with the PSIM system, calculates response time for any situation and will also note any manual changes to the security systems.


All the information regarding your physical security, energy and operation systems in just one place. COSMO is a simple and efficient solution for their management.

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