WOW - An Incredible Project You Need Know!

The World of Wine (WOW) is a cultural, restaurant and retail complex located in Porto’s historic Port wine cellar district (Portugal). It is a must-see attraction in the city that offers five unique museum experiences, nine restaurants, bars and cafes and a wine school, all positioned around a central square with exceptional views over Porto and the Douro River.

The World of Wine is to become a world-class visitor experience, occupying more than 55,000 m2 in total and where they forecast more than 1 million visitors annually.

Considering the large number of visitors expected, an overall view of all the physical security systems was a mandatory condition at the beginning of the design process.

The Security Operations Centre (SOC) is equipped with leading security brands (Vanderbilt SPC intrusion detection, Axis CCTV cameras with AiTech Video Analytics, Hikvision Access control, SIEMENS Cerberus fire control and Userful video wall) and through the integration software platform COSMO PSIM+, the operators and management team can manage all the systems in a simple to use unified interface.

When an incident/‘attack’ scenario occurs, the alarms are automatically received at the SOC. COSMO PSIM+ platform correlates the data of several sensors, cameras and devices, into a single unified Graphic User Interface where the Operator can perform video verification of the alarms in real time, whilst following the standard operating procedures defined, clearly showing on screen a step by step process workflow.

Should an event occur that requires evacuation, the decision process is taken by combining data from the Access Control system with CCTV analytics, providing People Counting and heatmaps, to exactly know the most crowded areas in the building.

The faster the response, the greater the value realised.