COSMO PSIM & Kentec are keeping stars and spectators safe at São Luiz Teatro Municipal

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A highly intelligent Syncro AS control panel from Kentec, a life safety control systems manufacturer, integrated with COSMO PSIM+ software is helping to protect visitors, staff and actors the historic São Luiz Teatro Municipal in Lisbon, Portugal.

COSMO PSIM+ software was approached to create a centralised, user-friendly management system to control and monitor more than 300 fire detection devices across nine floors, as well as having the ability to open fire escape doors remotely.

Visit COSMO at INTERSEC 2019 Dubai (UAE)

This year, once again, COSMO will be exhibiting at INTERSEC Dubai, the world's premium trade platform on security, safety, and fire protection.


COSMO PSIM+ consolidates its position at PROTEGER 2018

PROTEGER 2018 - 6th edition Security Conference, was a great success with a large turnout. COSMO PSIM+ received hundreds of inquiries from the protection and security professionals and enjoyed dialog and discussions with partners during the fair, with very positive results.

Energy budgeting and forecasting

Energy and utilities are a significant portion of a university’s expenditure, especially for a campus with geographically dispersed buildings and possibly over many locations. But, how much energy is consumed during the day or the year, and at what price?

Here’s our line-up of best practices collected from successful implementations and industry experts.