COSMO PSIM+ is a Milestone Technology Partner

We are pleased to announce that COSMO PSIM+ has passed the compliance testing and is officially verified as compatible with the market leading video management system, Milestone XProtect.

WOW - An Incredible Project You Need Know!

The World of Wine (WOW) is to become a world-class visitor experience.
Instead of having to choose between a superior security and an outstanding customer experience, WOW Management team decided to make both a priority.

5 Reasons Why Security & Building Systems Integration is a Worthwhile Decision

The possibilities offered by a Platform that integrates disparate Building and Security Systems into a common management system are endless.

Increasing Return on Investment with Energy Management

In the past, there was a lot of talk about the return on investment (RoI) of security solutions. However, it was difficult to ascertain a true sense of the tangible RoI because losses due to crime are not a constant, nor are they easily quantifiable. With today’s smart systems, things are somewhat different. Because the systems not only offer protection, but can also deliver a wide range of everyday efficiencies, the RoI can now be proven in many use-cases. BENCHMARK Magazine Article

WOW is Finalist at the SECURITY PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2020

World of Wine (WOW) is one of the largest tourism attractions launched in Europe this year and is shortlisted as Finalist at the SECURITY PROJECT OF THE YEAR category of the prestigious Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2020. COSMO PSIM+ is the security & building managment integration software choosen for this iconic project.